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According to a recent survey of solos and small firms by Thomson Reuters, two of the biggest challenges law firms face include dealing with increasing complexity of technology and controlling costs. Using VOIP alleviates hurdles faced by lawyers that consume valuable time and energy.

The following six areas are the most common benefits to law firms when using VOIP.

1. Call Management

Potential clients can call at any time, day or night, weekends, and holidays, because their legal issues demand attention outside of normal business hours. If attorneys can’t make themselves available, potential new clients often move on to the next attorney or law office that they can reach. A phone system that can prioritize your calls and forward them to the appropriate person, saving time for both you and your clients.

2. Mobility

Busy firms are constantly on the move, whether it’s meeting with clients, filing documents in court, or negotiating with other counsel. It’s essential to find a VOIP service with user-friendly forwarding features, so everyone can be reached at any time, no matter where they are (except of course when court is in session).

3. Call Recording

VOIP incorporates call recording so it is easy to retain records for billing, updating client records, and compliance. The process is automated so there is no need to buy separate equipment or remember to initiate recording.

4. Local Phone Numbers

With a hosted VoIP provider, you can use phone numbers throughout the U.S. This is advantageous if your law practice has lawyers in multiple cities Clients can contact each of your offices by dialing local, saving you money and giving your customer the feeling they are speaking with a local business.

5. Multi-Location Integration

Your system offers you the option of adjusting your personal preference for where you would like each phone number forwarded. For example, if you primarily work out of your office, it would make the most sense to program all of your incoming calls to be sent to your office line. If you are the type of attorney who finds it more convenient to work from the comfort of your own home, you can automatically forward your calls to your home office or cell phone.

6. Voicemail to Email

You can’t always answer the phone. With VOIP, you can set up voicemail-to-email functionality, so that when a voicemail is left, it can be immediately sent to your email address. Messages can be played on any device.

Searching for the right VoIP phone solution is time well spent and will serve your firm for many years to come. It’s simple to install, easy to use, and will help your bottom line.

Choosing a VOIP provider who will deliver the latest features in voice over technology is the first step to cutting costs and allowing your law firm to run smoother and more efficiently. Ohio.net has been providing local businesses with phone solutions that work for over a hundred years. We are constantly updating our services to stay on the cutting edge of current technologies.

Start taking advantage of the many advantages VOIP can offer your law firm today by calling our friendly Ohio.net staff at 888.881.0805 or visiting our website at www.ohio.net.




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